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Motor Control System

August, 2010: Motor Control System
Developing a motor control alogorithm is one of the most challenging aspect of power electronics and embedded system collabration. Howsoever, with more advanced microcontrollers and advanced simulation packages flourishing into market, the job has reduced to just logic building complexities.
A typical motor control system is shown here.
The DC motor can be controlled either by varying the amplitude of the DC voltage applied to it (DC Chopper operation) or by varying the frequency of a square voltage wave (PWM control). A selection switch will enable to choose either of them.
An AC motor can be controlled by directly by an inverter module through the variation of voltage and frequecy subject to v/f constancy to avoid physical damages.
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All the triggers to the MOSFET / Thyristors are provided by a controller with firing logic. A Feedback path can be incorporated for a closed loop system. Optoisolators ensures isolation between Control system and Controlled system.
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