Nucleus Node

Scalable IOT server application implemented & designed for Espressif's ESP8266


  • Headless setup: With the firmware flashed onto a brand new chip the chip broadcasts a WiFi station. Setting it up is easy from hereon.
  • Auto reconnect: If the WiFi goes down, the onboard LED starts flashing. When the WiFi is back, it reconnects and stops flashing. A power cycle in between will cause it to enter WiFi station mode again.
  • Over the air firmware update capability
  • NTP based timing synchronization.
  • Sensor and device bindings: A generic framework to make each node a unique automation controller.
  • Maintains a mDNS cache
  • Option to enable local and remote logging
  • REST API based access
    • Configure and control GPIOs
    • Rename devices associated with GPIOs
    • Schedule events
    • Get internal state of the node and perform analytics
    • Locate device
    • Perform various resets (power, flash and factory)