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Simulation of random mutation and non-random fitness-based cumulative string selection that Richard Dawkins discusses in 'The Blind Watchmaker'. An attempt to enhance the string mutation by adding dynamical complexity to the algorithm through control parameters and configurations.

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Genetic algorithm,mutation, selection,simulation, python matplotlib

Roomba's drive mechanism is perfect. In this post, I propose and explore a solution to implement such a 2-drive mechanism and extend it's controllability to an HMI via a single input (mouse or touch) from a web browser.

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Raspberry Pihtml, php, python

An approach to implement a low-latency communication bridge that can send data from a client web browser to the serial terminal of the host with minimal overhead.

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Raspberry Pihtml, php, python

When a system is modeled to fit the constraints of mathematical framework, the associated tools becomes available at system's disposal. In 'the blind watchmaker', the author describes genetic evolutionary space as a n-dimensional space which resembles a Hilbert space.

Richard Dawkins' The blind watchmaker,Hilbert Space,Genome,Vector calculus

If you don't have a secured server running to host and distribute your iOS application, you can host it on a server that has SSL and point to it from within your LAN's unsecured resource. Steps outlined.


Using an 8-bit Arduino as a hardware controller from a serial commander

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Raspberry PiArduino, C, C++

Solar eclipse of 2017 and Annie Dillard's timeless essay

Dillard's 'The Total Eclipse' is probably the best description I have read about a Solar eclipse. The 2017 eclipse was a perfect opportunity to revisit it.


As every other app and OS is embracing the dark mode, here is a simplistic approach that I used to implement it using javascript fundamentals on my a web page hosted on Raspberry Pi.

Web ToolKit - HowDoIs

On kernel compilation failures

Neon braid twines down unrestrainedly,Yet again, I caress it to spoil me;
The night falls, the wall speaks,And the clock slows the ticks;
As the horses galloped down the memory lanes,Our voices flickered, and the wick flamed;
Darkness deepened, while I laughed with you,I didn’t knew, you were leaving me cold & blue;
Multifold sudo make clean make failed,Its a 128 and I have lost you yet again...

This is a continuation of my previous post 'A secured gateway to home-brewed HA solution', where I explored a methodology to make requests to microcontrollers running in an unsecured network from Internet, this posts discusses a solution to go other way around to deliver messages.

Raspberry PiESP8266

Exhilarated about my new Dobsonian Newtonian 8-inch telescope from Orion!


As a IOT enthusiast, there are many reasons to be worried about developing on an unsecured hardware connected to a network. In this post, I explore a workaround solution to make HTTP requests to all such unsecured nodes from an external network securely.

Particle Photon,ESP,Raspberry Pi

IOT hardware enthusiasts: Implementing a communications protocol from grounds up is an indulging fun in itself. Unless you run into noise. I found out the culprit of noise in mine was some ghost capacitance.

Microchip PICI2C

IOT enthusiasts: With a matrix key layout, it is possible to integrate NC*NR keys with the processor. In this post, I explore an algorithm to increase this count to (NC*NR)+NC/R

8-bit uC

IOT enthusiasts: A reference for myself and anyone else trying to integrate a NT7108C based 128x64 graphics LCD in their embedded system.

8-bit uC,graphics LCD